I use photography to explore how humans communicate and leave their mark on their urban environment and on nature. Our modern metropolises are crowded with people, cars, buildings, signs, billboards and graffiti. Using these elements in my photography, I seek to create a new realm, peaceful, harmonious, simple and beautiful. The angled compositions aim to disorient the viewer, raise curiosity, elicit thought and draw attention to the subjects depicted. It interests me that beauty is present at every moment of our lives and so often goes un-noticed. I recall an interview with the architect Frank Gehry at Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. He was asked if it was true that architects no longer invest too much time or money to decorate the top of the buildings, since no one looks up anymore. The moderator had made a very important observation: the public in general is conditioned to view the world around it in a limited way. Curiosity is a rare commodity.


Ali Farhoodi studied cinema and educational media at Boston University ending with a doctoral degree. He worked as a television producer for over a decade, winning an Emmy and an award at New York Festivals, amongst others. He has been a fine art photographer for most of his adult life. Since 2003 this has become his full time passion and career. Ali’s work has been shown in single and group exhibitions in Boston, Los Angeles, Laguna Beach, Westlake and Toronto. Ali was recognized by the juried International Photography Awards competition in 2009 and 2005. He was also selected for the APA-LA (Advertising Photographers of America) juried, 5th Annual Photography Competition in 2007. In this year he also participated in a group show at Torrance Art Museum. In 2008, he was featured in the Open Studio Magazine’s juried selection of American artists. In April 2009 his work was picked for the “17th Annual juried Art Exhibition” at the Korean Cultural Center/Museum in Los Angeles. He was one of the 18 artists selected through a national call. In June 2009 he exhibited one of his new works at Seyhoun Gallery, a collage of 16 photographs depicting an imaginary metropolis, made of real photograpgs of the city of Las Vegas taken from above.


- Seyhoun Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, June 2009 (group)- Korean Cultural Center/Museum, Los Angeles, CA, April 2009 (group)- Anastasia, Laguna Beach, CA, January-March 2009 (solo)- Studio Visit Magazine juried selection, Boston, MA 2008- J. Ferrari Gallery, Glendale, CA, January 2008 (group)- Anastasia, Laguna Beach, CA, December 2007-February 2008 (solo)- Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles, CA, November/December 2007 (group)- Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, CA, August 2007 (group)- J. Ferrari Gallery, Glendale, CA, June 2007 (group)- Anastasia, Laguna Beach, CA, March 2007 (solo)- Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood, CA, January/February 2007 (group)- Lladro Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, CA, December 2006 (group)- Anastasia, Laguna Beach, CA, May 2006 (solo)- Arta Gallery, Toronto, Canada, September/October 2005 (group)- Westlake Art Association, Westlake, CA, April 2005 (group)- Anastasia, Laguna Beach, CA, February 2005 (solo)- Image Arts Gallery, Westlake, CA, January 2005 (group)- Exhibitions in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts 1994-2002 (mostly solo)